A few comments

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A few comments

Post by frmarche » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:59 pm

Thanks for the presentation.
A few comments:
- Your theory of change is nice. But I wonder if the amount of the coupon(s) is large enough to led the effects you hypothesize on bargaining power/credit access/business credit.
- About research questions: it seems too ambitious to look for effects on female discrimination and on social attitudes towards women.
- The FISP is granted to the household head. Households where woman is the household head are different from the others (i.e. men is often died or migrated..). How do you deal with that?
- You seem to propose the same methodology for different outcomes. This is puzzling since outcomes are quite different. By the way, the bargaining power outcome is not mentioned in the methodology section.
- You claim that the coupon allocation is not random. If your problem is finding a control group (households similar to the ones who received the coupon), you could use – if you know them – the eligibility criteria that have been used to identify coupon beneficiaries.
- In the presentation, you mentioned that the program ‘is getting’ down. Why is it the case? Might it means that there is a problem with the program….
- Why households do not always use vouchers? Why do they use one/two/n vouchers? The heterogeneity in the use of the program can represent a problem for the identification


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