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PEP monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

Since 2010, PEP has developed a highly sophifisticated and effective "Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System", which allows it to continually assess the progress, outcomes and impact of PEP research and support activities worldwide.

PEP M&E data allows to report on these achievements, not only in the form of detailed statistics - encompassing results from all or specific groups of PEP-supported projects - but also in the form of qualitative "impact stories", showing the manifold impact and ramifications of individual PEP projects in beneficiary countries. 

The following reports - focused on the statistical results from PEP M&E surveys since 2010 - were published up to 2015, but since then PEP M&E data has continued to be reported biannually in relation to specific programs, such as PAGE.

PEP Monitoring and Evaluation Report - August 2015

PEP Monitoring and Evaluation Report - February 2013

PEP Monitoring and Evaluation Report - November 2011

PEP Monitoring and Evaluation Report - May 2011





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