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Evaluating the effectiveness of alternative interventions to reduce teenage childbearing in Latin America

From 2009 to 2011, the PEP Latin America Office - hosted at El Grupo de Analisis para El Desarrollo (GRADE) in Lima, Peru - collaborated with the Gender and Diversity Unit of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in a project that aims to promote the reduction of teen pregnancy in Latin America.

Together (and with funding from the IDB) they ran a call for proposals of research projects that evaluate the impact of promising interventions to reduce or prevent teenage childbearing.

Taking advantage of PEP’s experience in advanced research methodologies, the studies would resort to the PIERI’s analytical tools for rigorous impact evaluation. From this call, two proposals were selected and granted funding to conduct their impact evaluations. They were evaluated by a selection committee formed by two members of the IADB (Suzanne Duryea and Gabriela Vega), Habiba Djebbari, director of the PIERI program and Martin Valdivia, director of the PEP Latin American office.
The winner proposals were the following:

The research teams attended a start-up workshop in December 2009 at the IADB headquarters in Washington DC, where they met the selection committee - by then turned into an advisory committee - to discuss their proposals and receive technical advice. By the end of December, they presented the adjusted versions of their research proposals. Interim versions of the reports were presented by the end of March, and the authors received comments from the consultative group. Final reports were submitted in September 2010 and published in early 2011.

Find out about their research findings and policy recommendations via the related PEP publications:
For Colombia: Working paper and Policy Brief ; "Derived Impacts of Education Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: the Case of Teenage Pregnancy" (see also PEP news article)
For Chile: Final research report
More research results will soon be published as both working papers and policy briefs.



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