Eight new PEP Research Fellows

November 2020

PEP is pleased to announce 8 new Research Fellows.

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As part of PEP’s efforts to promote the greater participation of researchers from developing countries in national and international development policy debates, PEP is pleased to announce the addition of eight Research Fellows in 2020. 

The Fellows are among the leading economic researchers in the developing world, selected for the high quality of their publications, research, training, teaching, conference participations, and grants.  

For far too long, researchers from developing countries have been side-lined in scientific and policy debates on the economic development of their own countries. PEP Research Fellows are at the forefront of efforts to combat this enduring marginalisation.

Research Fellows contribute to all aspects of PEP activities, including scientific and policy mentoring, training, research, policy events, international conferences, publications and advising.

The researchers selected this year join 19 PEP Research Fellows selected in 2017 and 2018. Of the 27 PEP Research Fellows: 12 are women, 11 come from countries in Africa, 10 from Latin America, five from Asia and one from Eastern Europe. Collectively, the Fellows have extensive experience in the four methodologies applied in PEP research and in a variety of thematic areas.

PEP Research Fellows selected in 2020



Kibrom Abay
Research Fellow
International Food Policy
Research Institute
      Marcos Agurto
Associate Professor
Universidad de Piura
      Jorge Davalos
Assistant Professor
Universidad del Pacifico
      Abdel-Rahmen El Lahga
Assistant Professor
University of Tunis


Dileni Gunewardena
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka
      Diana Kruger
Associate Professor
Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
      Ramos Mabugu
Sol Plaatje University
South Africa
      Lulit Mitik Beyene
Managing Director
IESD Research

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