PEP researchers discuss “Economic growth for all” at a Finance Think forum in Macedonia

December 13, 2017 | Skopje, Macedonia

PEP researchers in Macedonia discussed “Economic growth for all” at an economic forum organized by Finance Think.

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December 13, 2017 – PEP researchers in Macedonia discussed “Economic growth for all” at an economic forum organized by Finance Think, Institute for Economic Research and Policy, Skopje. The forum sought to improve policy influence and provide a space for the government and citizens to define a common economic vision. This follows new government objectives to increase growth and improve income distribution.

The event attracted more than 100 policy stakeholders, decision makers, bankers, and academics. Panelists included Kocho Angjusev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs; Dimitar Bogov, Governor of the National Bank; and Bojan Simbov, representative of the World Bank.

The speakers discussed emerging issues, such as the aging population, a decline in the quality of healthcare, and increasing exports. Mr. Angusev said that he sees the government’s progressive tax policy as “a measure for social equality.”

A number of currently and previously-funded PEP researchers were present. Blagica Petreski, CEO of Finance Think, opened the event (pictured, right). She also presented awards to the winners of Finance Think’s essay competition for young economists discussing economic or social themes. Dr. Marjan Petreski moderated the panel discussion and invited questions from the audience. During the discussions, Professor Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski raised the issue of the minimum wage and questioned the effects that will occur if it is significantly increased.

Photo: Finance Think  

Finance Think is an independent and non-for-profit economic research and policy institute, founded in 2012 by Blagica Petreski. Petreski and Despina Tumanoska (Program Coordinator at Finance Think) received funding and support from PEP in 2014 through the PAGE program to investigate the impact of a remittance voucher policy. Petreski, Tumanoska, and two other members of the Finance Think economic team have been selected for PEP funding and support under the first round of the PAGE II initiative. Their project aims to analyze youth underemployment in Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

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