COVID-19 response

Updated: September 2020

How PEP is responding to COVID-19 as an international organisation, and resources to help inform policy responses.

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The Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) has been monitoring the developments of COVID-19 globally and is following governmental guidance according to where our staff and grant recipients are based. 

At this time, we are continuing our operations almost normally, adapting to the rapidly changing situation. All international travel planned for staff, resource persons and researchers has been cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, PEP research work is currently expected to continue while adapting to local situations and restrictions. 

The health and wellbeing of PEP researchers, resource persons, and staff are our priority. It is essential that everyone cooperates to limit the spread of this disease in the world. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the coming months together.


PEP has launched a Facebook group as a place to discuss socio-economic evidence that may be useful for designing and informing COVID-19 response policies at global and national levels. Join the discussion at You can also tweet using the hashtag #covid19policyresponse and share via the LinkedIn group.

We are working with partners to explore how our locally-based researchers can contribute to the effort to forecast the economic impacts of COVID-19 and investigate possible policy responses. 

PEP is a founding member of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, which has a dedicated page on COVID-19 with links to various other initiatives.

Other information sources

Readings by PEP researchers, Research FellowsResource Persons and members of the Board of Directors

Other readings

We invite suggestions for other resources/readings, please email our Communications Officer



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