Call for Contributors – seeking authors for chapters in a coming volume on “Public Administration and Policy in the Carribbean”

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Call for contributors on the definitive volume entitled “Public Administration and Policy in the Caribbean” by Dr. I. D. Minto-Coy and Professor Evan Berman, for Taylor & Francis.

Both historical and forward-looking, this volume will represent the most comprehensive coverage of public policy and public administration in the wider Caribbean region; covering the development of major themes, practices and trends in public policy and administration from colonialism to present and offering informed analyses on the way forward. Chapter titles have already been selected but there is still room for contributors to suggest alternative themes.

Target readership includes mainly academics, practitioners and students in public administration. As such, chapters are expected to engage some of the theories and themes in the relevant subject areas, as well as capture practical application and concerns.

To apply, contact:
For application, at this time, you may :

  1. Express which of the following chapters you are interested in writing - though authors may only write one chapter, you may indicate interest in more than one
  2. State, briefly, what topics you propose to cover in any chapter . No detailed outline is needed at this time.
  3. Submit (attach) your CV or resume. We welcome submissions from those residing inside and outside the Caribbean, and from academics as well as government officials.

Important dates/deadlines:

  • August 30, 2011: Expression of interest, brief outline and CVs. However, proposals will be accepted after the due date.
  • September 15, 2011: Notification of acceptance.
  • February 2012 : Submission of  first draft paper.
  • May 2012: Submission of final paper

Chapters – selected titles (themes):

Part 1: Public Administration and Policy in the Caribbean: History and Major Developments

The History of Public Administration in the Commonwealth Caribbean
The History of Public Administration in the French Caribbean
The History of Public Administration in the Dutch Caribbean
The History of Public Administration in the Spanish-Speaking Territories
The History of Public Administration in the US Caribbean Territories

Part 2: Issues in Public Administration

Civil Service Performance in the Caribbean
Public Sector Finances in the Caribbean
Ethics Management and Corruption Control in the Caribbean
ICT and E-Government in the Caribbean
Administrative Reforms in the Caribbean
Public Sector Leadership in the Caribbean
Collaborative Government: An Assessment of Cross-Sector Partnerships
Part 3: Public Policy Issues and Themes

Health Care Reform
Environment and Disaster Management
Tourism Policy and Management
Education and Literacy
State Capacity for International Relations and Participation in International Politics
Migration, Diasporas and the Policy Process in the Caribbean
Public Policy and Administration in Haiti
Public Policy and Administration in Cuba



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