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While considerable progress has been made in terms of universal education in China over the past 20 years, a significant gap remains between rural and urban students in the rate of admission to senior high school in several parts of the country. In 2010, a team of Chinese researchers were granted PEP support to conduct a quasi-experimental evaluation in order to assess the impact of a Tuition Relief Program (TRP) - an initiative about to be implemented by the local government of Ningshan Country in Shaanxi province - on the performance of poor, rural students at junior high school level. In other words, the researchers sought to assess the effectiveness of such program in encouraging students with initially more limited prospects, to exert stronger efforts while preparing for senior high school. The results were quite positive and the researchers have been actively recommending the uptake of such investment strategy, by China’s Education policymakers, as a complementary measure to strengthen human capital in poor rural areas.  Find out more through the following PEP publications:

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