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The 2019 PEP Special General Meeting
was held August 30-September 6 in Saly, Senegal

The 2019 PEP Special General Meeting in Senegal brought together almost 80 researchers, practitioners and government officers, international experts, and representatives of donor and international organizations for a very productive and successful event.

Researchers and government officers participated to receive intensive training from international experts and to present new proposals and ongoing research for discussion and peer review. 


Building capacity for policy research in developing countries

Presentations of progress reports & new proposals

Representatives of 20 multi-disciplinary teams of researchers and government-affiliated officers, shortlisted for support under the PAGE II-Round 3 program, presented their project proposals prior to the final selection of 14 teams to receive full PEP support. Meanwhile, researchers representing the six teams selected for support under PEP’s new program for Impact Evaluation Mentoring for Governments in East and West Africa (IEM-Gov) presented their progress.

All teams discussed their presentations with an audience of their peers and PEP-affiliated international experts. They also met individually with their respective mentors. These sessions provided valuable feedback to the teams to improve their projects or proposals.


Gender Analysis and Best Practices for Using Evidence in Policymaking

A key part of PEP’s mission is to improve both the technical knowledge and policy advocacy skills of developing country project team members.

During the 2019 PEP Special General Meeting, all participants attended at least two days of the Evidence Use in Policymaking Workshop. PEP’s Director of Communication and Monitoring & Evaluation reviewed best practices and discussed solutions to support and promote the use of research-based evidence in policymaking. 

All researchers representing shortlisted PAGE II-Round 3 teams also attended a one-day workshop on Gender Analysis provided by international experts: Dileni Gunewardena and Marzia Fontana. Download their presentations:

Meanwhile, the researchers from the Impact Evaluation teams attended training specific to experimental research, including ethical concerns, trial registration, questionnaire and data collection. They also attended a scientific writing workshop that provided practical advice on writing a paper and getting it published in peer-reviewed journals.


The 2019 PEP Special General Meeting was held at the Lamantin Beach Resort in Saly, Senegal. It was organized as part of the extended PEP-PAGE II initiative, with support from the Canadian government through the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID, or UK Aid), with additional funding from the Hewlett Foundation.




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