2019 PEP Annual Report now online

July 2020

Explore PEP’s new, online Annual Report for 2019, reviewing the progress, outputs and impact of PEP support and activities throughout last year.

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Published in a new web-format, the 2019 PEP Annual Report provides an overall review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in terms of research and policy analysis, capacity building and policy engagement.

We invite you to explore the 2019 PEP Annual Report to find out more about PEP research and PEP researchers’ achievements and innovations. Looking in particular at:

  • Highlights from the past year
  • The policy, scientific and career impact of PEP projects
  • Findings and publications by PEP researchers
  • Training & mentoring in class, online and through study visits
  • Outreach & dissemination on the national and international stages
  • PEP events: 2019 PEP Annual Conference (General Meeting and Policy Day) and 2019 PEP Special General Meeting
  • New projects supported under initiatives for Gender-Sensitive Analysis on Entrepreneurship, Financial Inclusion, and Rural Employment in Africa (PAGE II-Round 3), and Strengthening Impact Evaluation Capacities in East & West Africa (IE Gov Mentoring).

Read the 2019 Annual Report online



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