The 2016 PEP Annual Report is now available online!

May 2017

Reviewing the progress, outputs and impact of PEP support and activities throughout 2016.

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The 2016 PEP Annual Report provides an overall review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in terms of research and policy analysis, capacity building and policy engagement.

The report includes a special section reviewing the first PAGE Initiative (that concluded at the end of 2016), looking particularly at similar policy findings from projects in different countries and highlighting key policy impact stories. 

The 2016 Annual Report provides an overview of PEP as an organization, including information on PEP's research and capacity building, policy engagement, and Grant Plus programs, special research initiatives, and a summary of the 2016 PEP Annual Conference. The report also includes a full list of PEP publications (working papers and policy briefs) as well as journal publications by PEP researchers and PEP staff.

Download the 2016 Annual Report

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