The 2014 PEP Annual Report is now available online

A review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in 2014. Download it here.

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The 2014 PEP Annual Report provides an overall review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in terms of research and policy analysis, capacity building and policy engagement.

In particular, the report features descriptions of the main outcomes (findings and policy impact) of those research projects supported by PEP under the first rounds of the PAGE initiative in developing countries.

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PEP 2014 Annual Report


Message from the Chair of the PEP Board of Directors

Message from the Executive Director

Board of Directors

Management Committee


About PEP

Vision and mission

Global scope and linkages

From building to promoting local expertise

Research and capacity building

PEP "Grant Plus" mechanism

Research themes and issues

Policy engagement

Recent institutional developments

PAGE - Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment

Projects supported under the PAGE initiative - Rounds 1 and 2

Policy findings from PAGE projects in 2014

Impact of PAGE in developing countries


Best Practice Awards

2014 winners of the PEP Best Practice Awards

Testifying to the impact and importance of CBMS in the Philippines


Other initiatives

PEP-led special initiatives in 2014

CBMS special initiatives in 2014

Past initiatives

Conferences and training

2014 PEP Annual Conference

10th CBMS-Philippines national conference

Dissemination of research findings worldwide

PEP schools


Working papers


Peer-reviewed journal articles

PEP staff and partner institutions






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